Biggest Fan

Last week I got to decorate my son's football locker in prep for the state playoff game. It was such a seemingly simple act to remind Gav that I'm celebrating him and his team. No matter the game's outcome, I'm proud of him for stepping on the field and going to work. I'm proud of him for leading his team and rallying with his friends. As I look outside this morning, I believe the same is true of our Heavenly Father - He celebrates us, encourages us, provides for us, and cheers us on before we set foot on the field. He is leaning in and so proud of us for showing up. He doesn't require the win, he simply celebrates the effort (the baby steps in some cases).

So, friend, take some pressure off. Perfection isn't required. If you fail, God isn't going to sigh and shake his head. He will actually work it out for your good and his glory (Romans 8). He simply asks that you dress out and prepare to jump in when called upon. Like a southern football mom, he gets crazy excited just to see you play - to use the skill and talent he placed inside you. And, like a good coach, he will show you how to get better each season.

How can you show up today? Are you listening to him cheer you on? He is, after all, your biggest fan.


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